Frequently Asked Questions

You should not reveal excessively too early your details to anyone and be diligent in your correspondence and take as much time as necessary in becoming acquainted with the individual you're keen on. Try not to give out exceptionally close to home subtleties like Visa, Adhaar and legal or personal information. Watch out for individuals who make undesirable inquiries or uncertain about their answers.

Make sure that always your first meet will not be alone until you know the person really well. When you plan to meet for the first time, try meeting him/her in public places like coffee shops and avoid meeting in any private place or hotel rooms. Also keep your trusted family member or friend informed before you initiate any such steps.

If you notice any cash trap just keep away, especially when individuals request cash be careful with such individuals and don't pay anything for visa purposes or any such issues. Never talk about budgetary issues with somebody you just met and scarcely know him/her. It could be exceedingly hazardous.

Involving the family is a must because marriage is a union of two families and it’s not just between two people. Keep your family informed about all your proceedings and involve them in your decision-making to be on the safer side. Make sure you introduce the prospect to your family.

Getting married is a lifetime decision and you and your family can determine what would be the best for you in helping to make the right decision, hence it's also your responsibility to ensure your own safety and take precautionary steps.

Above all, the first step to follow is to pray over the matter and seek God’s will/peace.  May the Lord be your guiding light in leading you the right person of His choice as you continue to seek His will.